Shanice LaQuisha Jefferson - Right out of Vassar with a BA in economics, she was recruited as a backup singer for Sly and the Family Stone’s come back tour. In the middle of the Big Sity Pub concert, Sly suddenly took ill with a stone.  He doubled over on stage and Shanice exited stage left and out on the street.  As she left she hijacked the retro 70’s wardrobe as severance and began marketing herself as the “Shaft Sheath of the Street”. On HO2HO, this girl has attitude the likes no one has ever heard before at KHOP Radio.

Tina Louise Craven - Mother of three, was married at 19 to Montgomery Craven. He was the Deacon of the church and soon became the Minister, the 2nd oldest profession on earth.  Neither Montgomery nor Tina had any idea that religious profitability would take a turn for the worse in the 90’s. So soon after her marriage she had to help make a living by working in the first oldest profession on earth.  She is the mothering type, June Clever if you will, the KHOP Radio Voice of Reason on HO2HO.

Maria Conchita Elisha Quervo Hinahosa - Just another working girl trying to work her way back over the top of the fence after every time she is deported.  The INS holds a birthday party for her every year.  She truly believes that she will be discovered, like all the other Latinos, and she will become a very large Hollywood STAR.  No one has the heart to tell her this is not Hollywood, or she doesn’t understand them if they do.  Maria is KHOP Radios’ Lively Latino Linguist on HO2HO.

Li’l Sista - Every working girl has a Li’l Sista, but how many do you know have one that talks?  Shanice’s does.  It’s a silky satin pleasure pouch with a mind of it’s own.  Li’l Sista looks at life through rose colored fuzzy glasses, and that gives her a very slanted opinion on just about everything.  This little gal put the “Tang” back into Poontang.  On occasion, when the girls are busy KHOP Radio lets Li’l Sista sit in.  Tune in, this is one you do not want to miss.

drugbunny – He comes to KHOP Radio via a coma.  That’s right this bunny has just come out of a coma after ten years and you know he has a lot to say.  Not only is he one of Big Sity’s favorite talk show hosts he also one of Big Sitys finest.  Detective drugbunny of the BSPD.  Opinionated and not afraid to say it

Ramón do Dio – Born in Rio no Dinero, Ray migrated to Big Sity when he was only 8.  Working in bath houses all over Big Sity he found that he had a gift, two actually.  Eating food and talking and doing it at the same time.  What a perfect combination for a Food Show Host.  Listen every 3rd Sunday of the month at 4:00 pm to hear the latest scoop on food around the Big Sity here on KHOP Radio.

Professor Binky – A graduate of BSU with a PHD in animal husbandry, Professor Binky is also the Police Psychiatrist at BSPD.  Captain Mac of the BSPD says of Professor Binky, “He is so persuasive he could talk a crazed maniac out of his clothes and have him do the helicopter in front of a Sunday morning church congregation”. Professor Binky is here at KHOP Radio to help.

CB – Or Chocolate Bunny is the coolest rabbit in the Sity.  So cool that people have to turn on the heater when he is in the room. Born and raised in Big Sity he knows us all and he brings that knowledge to KHOP Radio and shares with us what he knows we all love to hear.


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